Tuesday 13 October 2015


I am Mr. McEwen and welcome back to the S2 maths blog. I am in the process of upgrading the web site to integrate new interactive quizzes and links into your learning journey. I hope the changes make a difference to your learning. If they do, please drop me a note on the right hand column. Alternatively, if you have any comment, please send me a message.

The story so far

To date (May 2010 to October 2015), the S2 maths blog has had 8929 page views. The top 5 visiting countries are UK, USA, Russia, Ukraine and Germany. 

 The top 5 posts by pageviews are as follows :~
1. Pythagoras problems in context.
2. Circumference and area of a circle.
3. Standard form.
4. Pie Charts.
5. Scattergraphs.

Best of luck, Mr. McEwen